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What To Text A Girl You Like

What Stops You From Turning Texts Into Dates Or Hookups?



Is This You?

You get some hot girl’s number and BAM! Brain fart.  You don’t know how to initiate a witty or clever text or how to keep a text thread exciting. You’ve combed through the interwebs to find clever things to text a girl, but all the suggestions seem too forced. You struggle to figure out how to start a text thread or how to keep it going without falling into the dreaded friend zone.

Your Texts Rarely Get The Response You Want.

Did you hear about to the guy who met a girl and responded to every text from her within seconds?  He lives alone, in a van down by the river, right beside the guy who keeps texting inappropriate or corny jokes to a girl. Writing texts is a mixture of art and science. Even an ape can pick up a phone and type “Hi, how are you? Or “Hey, what’s up?” What sets man apart from ape is finesse, grace, and humor. If you’re not getting almost instant responses from a girl, you’re doing something wrong.

You either don’t know how to come up with flirty texts for her or you’re coming off as desperate. You think you’ve got the texting game down to a science, but as far as results are concerned, you’re still stuck at zero. How can you ensure that you get a reply every time you text her and better yet, how can you make her fall for you just by sending her texts?

How Long Should You Wait To Text?

There’s nothing wrong with showing a girl you’re interested, but there’s a fine line between letting her know you’re interested and being so far up her ass that you’ve taken residence and built a 3-car garage with a guesthouse. Timing is a message – it communicates as loudly as what you type to her. You’ve got those digits right in front of you, but they might as well be written in another language because if you don’t get the timing right, they’ll do you no good. Timing is an essential part of your communication. If you type in a response immediately and press SEND, you’re not being proactive. You’re actually communicating that you have NO LIFE. But wait too long and you come off as disinterested and she’ll give up on you.  Sometimes you get confused about how long to wait to initiate or respond.

What If You Knew Exactly What To Text Girls?

Being ‘friend-zoned’ will be a thing of the past. When you’re consistently funny and clever (in an intriguingly sexy way) through your texts, she’s going to want to meet you sooner rather than later. You’d be able to turn up her temperature and prep her for the next date you two go on. By building up momentum through texts, you’ll have done half the work to getting her to dinner or bed or both.

 You’d Date The Hottest Women

Imagine if you knew a dozen different techniques of asking women for their phone number. Each one funnier and cleverer than the next. Not only would you get the girl’s number, you will ensure that she would actually pick up the phone when you call or text.

You’d Have A Lot More Dates & Hookups

Make her laugh and you’re halfway up her leg.  But coming up with funny texts to send a girl can be hard—unless you know the secret to developing a unique texting personality.

You’d Approach Texting Girls With Confidence

Imagine knowing exactly what to text in every circumstance. Or turning an ambivalent girl into someone dying to be with you. It’s possible if you follow the proven, easy-to-implement strategies in my book.

What You’ll Learn In My Texting Women Guide:



You’ll Also Learn How To…

• Come Up With Flirty Text Messages For Her. At a loss for words when texting? Tired of staring at your phone for hours? Stop worrying– I’ll give you one-liners that’ll impress her as soon as you send them.

• How To Time Your Texts For Maximum Impact. Getting the timing right sets the foundation of how she perceives your texts. When you text her at the moment she least expects but wants most, you’ve immediately improved your chances to getting intimate with her. Check out my “Text Timing Chart” so you’ll know exactly how long to wait, depending on the situation.

• Wildly Clever Ways Of Getting A Girl’s Phone Number.  What’s the point of discovering funny things to text a girl if you don’t have her number? Learn 10 fun ways to ask for her number without getting shot down.   This is especially useful for shy guys because you’ll learn word-for-word dialogs.

• Transition From Text to Sex Is she ‘texturbating?’ That’s when she seems more interested in typing than actually hooking up.  Learn techniques to get her committed to actually meeting you. 

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    Learn texting strategies that end up with her on your arm or your bed!
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What Are Guys Saying?

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What To Text A Girl You Like –Resources

Useful Articles From Respected Websites

Click the tabs above and you’ll see some great blog posts on everything from what kind of cute texts to send girls to how to flirt over your phone.  This is the web’s most comprehensive collection of what and how to text girls you like.  You’re welcome!  Enjoy your soup!

Cute Text Messages For Her

We all know there’s not just one kind of text to send a girl. There’s fun, there’s flirty, there’s dirty (and hopefully you’ve gotten the green light on that one first!). But what if you want to send something cute? You definitely want the version of cute that makes her smile, not the one that makes her roll her eyes and throw down the phone. And maybe it’s not words at all that make it cute, but a picture could do the trick. (Bonus tip: a dick pic isn’t generally considered “cute”). So, where do you start? We’ve got 5 places you can look for a little help on crafting cute messages for her:

Art Of Manliness



David Wygant


How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text

OK, you’re trying to walk the line between flirty and sexting. And let’s just say, sometimes it’s a really fine line, and maybe even one she crosses first. But, you’re not there yet. You want to add a little extra something to your texts, so what do you say? And girls are much better at subtlety, too – less is more and all that. It will also depend on how well you know her. Oh, and then there are emojis. Pictures that can be flirty…as long as you know what you’re sending. If you eggplant her too soon, it can be all bad. Let us help you figure out the right flirty text messages:

Elite Mag


Love Systems

Made Man


Funny Things To Say To A Girl Over Text

Time to impress her with your sense of humor. But ask yourself: does even reading the word “fart” make you laugh? If so, you might need a little help before you whip out your stand-up routine on her via text. The kind of joke that makes you laugh might make her laugh. Might. But if you’re not at least mostly sure she’ll laugh at a bad fart joke (or whatever one you choose), then maybe you should try something else. Plus, funny doesn’t always mean it has to be a joke, either. Here, let us show you what we mean by writing funny texts to send a girl:

Dating Tips.com

Men’s Fitness

Prime Magazine

Pick Up Artist Forum

Pick Up Artist Training

Morning Texts For Her

You woke up and your first thought was of her. And you want to tell her that, but you don’t want to sound like a bad Michael Bolton song. Then you wonder: are you texting her too early? Too many mornings in a row? Ugh, now what? Your morning texts can be simple greetings, or even the right couple of emojis can do the trick. (And no, eggplants still probably aren’t the right things to send, even if that IS the reason you’re thinking of her). You want to make her smile in the morning with your texts, so hopefully you can do it in person later (ahem). Here are a few ideas on sweet goodmorning texts for her.

Art Of Manliness

The Art Of Charm

Venusian Arts

Dating Advice.com

Doc Love

Sweet Text Messages For Her

You want to up the romance vibe in your texts, but not hit the point where you cringe as you’re typing. Remember, most girls likely have a higher tolerance for sweet stuff than you do. So unless you say something so unbelievably corny, you’re probably good. But that still doesn’t mean you know quite what to say. You want her to say, “awwww”, not “owww”. You want her to tell her friends how sweet you are, not recoil from the screen in disgust. This about sending the virtual equivalent of a hug, not a grope. Check out some great ideas on sweet texts for her:

Men’s Health

Men’s XP

Nick Notas

Patti Knows

Esquire Magazine

Things To Text Girls

Chances are good that you text your friends one way, and girls another. (and if you don’t, I’m not sure we can help you, but we’ll give it a try). But sometimes you want to text her and have nothing to say beyond ‘sup or some other bro-sounding syllable. It’s almost better to say nothing than it is to say, “How was your day?” and come off sounding like her grandma. Everyone loves grandma, but usually not in the “let me see you naked” way. So if you’re stumped for things to text a girl, check out these ideas:





Date Report

What To Text A Girl You Like

OK it’s official. Whether it’s been 5 minutes or 5 days, you’ve decided you actually like this girl. Which also means the stakes have gone up. And….now you’re kinda nervous. Say too much and she’ll think you’re needy. Say too little and she might get bored and lose interest. Say the wrong thing and her losing interest is probably the nicest thing that could happen. So what the hell do you do? Before you let panic do your texting, let us help you figure out. We promise, there is a middle ground. Here are five ways to get you started on what to text a girl:

OK Cupid


Dating Metrics

Jason Capital

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