When She Sends An Emoji And You’re Not Sure What It Means

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              Keep Calm & Don’t Blow Your Semi-Colon And to think, just yesterday we were all on AOL Instant Messenger with screen names like: Footballjohnny279 and xXcheergirl19Xx. Well, it looks like the AIM days are back—and this time, with actual emojis (instead of parenthetical smiley faces and semi-colon winks). But [...]

What To Text A Girl To Make Her Want You

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What To Do When Things Go Wrong. Most of the women you text will not be psychic. As a result, you will need to be direct, and use your words to set expectations. Taking this step will avoid hurt feelings and preserve your excellent reputation as a decent human being. Let’s say you are extremely [...]

Things To Text Girls

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When She Responds To Your Texts 7 Hours Later… You know exactly how this goes: You send her a nice, sweet, charming text asking if she’s having a good day, and she responds back 7 hours later with, “Sorry, my phone died. Yeah, I am!” Did her phone actually die? Probably not. Girls monitor their [...]

From 0 to Penis in 19 texts

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A Dick Pic! How Thoughtful! I don’t know how this began. I mean, Egyptian gods and pharaohs did have tiny little junk in hieroglyphs, true. People have pressed their parts into copy machines during drunken holiday parties for years. But dick pics are a puzzling, and sometimes hilariously disturbing phenomena that belongs solely to the [...]

Ladies, Your Junk Male Box Full? Here’s Why

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How To Flirt With A Woman (NOT!) Ladies, I want to apologize. As a male, I know what’s going on here. You open your Snapchat. You click the little red square. And next thing you know, you’re looking at a small handful of… you know. …Come on, you know. And I’m sure you’ve asked yourself, [...]