Sit On My Face, And Other Charming Openers

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  When you walk up to someone in a bar, or anywhere really, what do you normally say?   Hello! How are you?   Do you ever start with:   You’re cute (AKA “ur cute”, which sounds like a new species of farm animal) Ur hot I love oral Sit on my face   [...]

Craft Your Texts As If They Were Stories

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  There is an art to texting.   If you can master it, you can have the girl you’re talking to wet before you’ve even arrived at her place. And no, this isn’t sexting we’re talking about. It’s a much more refined version.   Here’s the thing about women: They lust for description.   Why [...]

Use Cliffhangers To Capture Her Attention Over Text

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Texting a girl is a lot like writing a story. Except the truth is, most guys are terrible storytellers. They think using bland phrases like, “That’s great,” and “Cool, cool,” will keep a girl entertained and interested.   They won’t.   If you want a girl to be glued to her phone, here’s what you [...]

Guys, We’d Rather See Your Speedo Than Your Torpedo

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Dudes! We meant what clothes are you taking on the trip when we asked what you were packing! Photos: they’re worth at least 1,000 words, amirite? So: should they be part of your texting? Can they create trust and interest? Ignite passion? Should you be careful about sending newdz? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Sending [...]