How Do You Give A Girl Your Number If She’s A Stripper? (Non-Creep Version)

how to give a girl your numberNever say “yes” when the stripper you’re crushing on asks if you want a dance.  If she gives you one you’re never going to get her number because you’ve just become another john to her.

Instead, say something like, “Maybe later.”  She’s most likely going to interpret that as a timing issue rather than a statement of her attractiveness.

If you just say, “No, thanks,” she’s going to assume she doesn’t turn you on and she’ll never come back.

How to Ask a Girl For Her Number

Of course, she’s going to move away so keep her engaged.  Remember, it’s her job to flirt back.   If she hasn’t already told you, ask for her name and introduce her to your friends.

You’re not there with friends?  Ahem!  If you’re at a strip club alone, you’ve got a bigger problem than I can help with.

Why the introductions?  Because it shows her you’re not the typical jerk out looking at her rack (which of course, you are), and that you’re a cool, laid-back, respectful, fun-loving guy.

Ask her if she goes to school–most strippers have bigger plans than dancing for money.  Keep the small talk going for about five minutes max.

When the conversation is still on the upswing, say something like, “Oh, wow, I didn’t mean to keep you so long.  I know you’ve got to get back to work.  Swing by later so we can chat a little bit more.”

The fact that you’ve basically turned her down twice will make you really stand out as a genuinely decent guy who’s interested in talking to her and getting to know her.


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You’ve shown that you see her as a hard-working woman, not some cheap slut.  If she offers you a dance you’ve failed.  You’ll know you succeeded if she doesn’t offer to get on your lap and instead, agrees to come back.

While she’s gone, act like you always act at a strip club–buy drinks, talk with your buddies, buy dances.  So what do you do when she comes back?  Continue the small talk.

Great pointer:  Ask if the name she gave you was real or if it was her stage name.   It’s most likely going to be her stage name, so she’ll probably give you her real name since you’ve shown so much genuine interest.

She’ll undoubtedly ask if you want a dance and here’s where you deliver the third mild rejection:  “Sorry, my friends and I were just about to head out.  But I’d love to talk to you sometime outside of this club.  Give me your phone number and let’s grab a cup of coffee.”

By emphasizing the fact that you want to see her out of the club you confirm once more that you see her as more than a pair of dancing breasts.

Now, here’s the thing.  She may want to give you her phone number but she’s dealing with a lot of guys who belong in straight jackets.  It isn’t safe to hand out her number to a guy she’s only spent a few minutes talking with.  She may ask for yours instead.

This isn’t the same as giving a girl your number in a regular bar. When a “civilian” female says that in a bar, you can rest assured she’s just trying to throw you off her scent and never call you back.  Not so true with strippers.

What is true is that she’ll probably leave with 20 numbers that night because most guys will force them on her.  But yours is one of the few that she ASKED for.

Still, this begs a question:  If she pulls out 20 phone numbers when she gets home, how will she know which is yours?

Because you will have referenced something you talked about.  Say you talked about Jersey Shore and how you both hate it.  Then you should write, “Greg, 404-546-9788.  Die, Snookie, Die!”

Congratulations, you’re about to get a call from your fantasy!

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