She Wants a Second Date, But You Don’t? (Hint: Don’t Be A Dick)

text messages for herThis is tricky stuff.  On the one hand, not sending her a post-date text is hurtful.  On the other hand, any acknowledgment of the date is a signal of interest, which will make her think you’re interested in a second date, which you’re not.

The answer?  Silence.  A rejection is a response, not an offer.  Do not offer your rejection unless you’ve been asked about your feelings.  If she doesn’t text you silence is your best option.

But of course, in all likelihood, she will text you.  At the very least, as a thank you (unless you were a jerk and made her pay for dinner!).What are the best things to text a girl who sends a thank you text that hints at a second date you don’t want?

Well, that depends on the reason you don’t want it.  If she’s doable but not dateable, we’ll cover text messages for her in a future post (it’s all about getting her panties to float to the floor without a dating budget).

But if it’s because you simply have no romantic interest in her at all, then you should do the right thing and let her down easy.

Best Way To Text A Girl You’re Not Really Into

Don’t be a jerk and stop texting her altogether, or wait a week to respond.  But what to text a girl you don’t want to see again?

Wait a day or so and write something to this effect:

“I had a great time too but to be honest, I didn’t feel much of a romantic connection.  I’m hoping we can continue the good times as friends.”

You should do this for a few important reasons.

First and foremost, it makes you a better man.  A better man does not shy away from an awkward moment.  He does not string along women he has no interest in.  He treats her the same way he’d want to be treated if the tables were turned—with honesty, dignity and class.

Second, a crucial part of your education is to learn how to disappoint a woman without apology or pointless explanation and let her down gracefully.  If you don’t learn how to do this early on you’re going to find yourself in some pretty dreadful situations.

Third, she might set you up with her hotter friends!  Treat her with dignity and kindness and there will be much to recommend you.

Treat her unkindly and with indignity and she’s going to make sure everybody hears about it.


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Now, let’s talk about sex.  Or rather, what to do if that’s all you’re in it for.  There’s a right way and a wrong way of texting to get laid.

The last thing you want to read on your phone is Mink Stole’s immortal line in John Waters’ Pink Flamingos:  “I wouldn’t suck your lousy dick if I was suffocating and there was oxygen in your balls.”

In the next post, we’ll take a look at how to avoid that kind of unfortunate response. In the meantime, here’s more expert advice on letting her down easy.

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