Text Your Way To A Second Date (Even Though You F’d Up the First One)

funny things to say to a girl over textChrist, what did you do?  Hold out the chair for her and then beat her to the seat?  A bad or awkward first date is touchy territory.

You know things didn’t go well, and you’re sure she felt the same. But you’re still interested in her.

Maybe it was all your fault.  You got too drunk.  Or you read the signs wrong and got too handsy. Or you questioned her career choice/religion/reason for living.

Bottom line: You blew it but want a second shot.

The first thing you have to do is address your faux pas.  Don’t gloss it over.  If you don’t acknowledge what you did wrong she won’t just think you’re a boor/creep/whatever.

She’ll think you’re an unaware boor/creep/whatever.  Bring it up in a humorous way.  Fall on the grenade and give her a chance to laugh at you, not with you. Here are some funny things to say to a girl over text that can help get you out of the doghouse.

What To Text A Girl After A Date

Did you inadvertently criticize her appearance?

You:  Did I actually say you looked good for your age?  That was the wine getting my tongue drunk.  For the record, I think you’re gorgeous, period. 

Or did you trip and fall into the front door of the restaurant?

You: In case you were wondering, I look really hot in a head tourniquet.


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Did you constantly check your tweets and texts as she talked?

You:  It was rude to stare at my phone at dinner.  I got so depressed about it I threw myself out the window.  Unfortunately, I live on the first floor so that didn’t work out too well.  Will you join me for dinner if I leave my phone home?

Did you end up talking about your ex-girlfriend all night?

You:  I can’t believe I talked about my ex for so long.  On a scale of 1 to Chris Brown how angry are you?

Address it, crack a joke, and move on.  Funny flirty text messages don’t just buy you forgiveness, they buy you the next date.  Apologizing lets her know you recognize what you said or did was not cool, and keeps the conversation light.

Just don’t dwell on it.  If you do, she’ll think you’re too sensitive, and hell, if she dwells on it, then that may be a red flag that she’s too high maintenance.

After that’s out of the way, settle back into a groove using the tips on best texts to send a girl we’ve gone over previously and you should be on your way to a second date.

In the next post, we’ll help you if she wants a second date…..and you’re not feeling it. In the meantime, check out some serious first date mistakes and how to fix ’em.

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