There’s a First Time For Everything, Make Sure You Do It Right

how to get a girls numberYou’ve mastered getting a girls number. Fantastic! As the infomercials say, “But wait, there’s more!”.

Here’s a common texting mistake:

“Hey it’s Mike, It was nice meeting you tonight, hope your night went well.”

Yes, show her you have the personality of a parking meter. You’ve put all that effort into how to get her number, and you’re about to blow it.

A dry text or voicemail like that adds no value to the conversation and puts the burden on her to keep the conversation from slipping into the abyss. One word:  Playful.

Great Text Examples:

“Hey missy, hope those big earrings of yours didn’t weigh you down too much on your way back home.”

“Hey there trouble maker, did you manage to get back home in one piece last night or did your friends have to carry you home?”

“Hey miss man eater, hope you didn’t break too many hearts last night.”


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As for that first phone call…

It’s natural to be nervous so have a plan, man.  Know what you’re going to say before you pick up the phone.  Preparation will eliminate awkward silences and propel you into a fun, engaging conversation.

Here’s how you prepare:  Think back to the subjects that you joked about and use that as your opening line when she picks up the phone.  Let’s say you were teasing her about those big hoop earrings she was wearing the fateful night you met:

Ring, ring, ring….

Her:  Hello?

You:  Are you still wearing those earrings I tried to do the hoola hoop in the other night?

Her:  Oh!  Stephen!  Very funny!  How are you?

Contrast the energy and vibe of that opening phone call with:

“Hi, it’s Stephen.  We met at the bar the other night?”

Point made. Always open with something cheeky or flirty that was specific to the interaction you first had.

Her mind will immediately go back to the fun interaction you shared and bam! you’ve put her in the kind of positive emotional state that will move the conversation forward.

In the next post, we’ll help you not wreck the conversation like a car in an alley. And dude, in the meantime: what are you really saying if you call her dude?!

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