Silence May Be Golden, Just Not In Bed

dirty things to say in bedSticks and stones may break my bones but words will make me come.

Silence is a form of withdrawal which frees you to focus on other things—bad sex juju if you ask me because great sex requires you to stay in the moment.

Talking dirty to her is a form of participation which reduces the opportunity of diverting thoughts and keeps you present with what’s going on now.  Talking sexy is all about participation and “energy management”–the ability to create, monitor, and master sexual energy.

It can make you feel like the world is speeding up or ending more slowly.  It heightens anticipation, magnifies sensations and intensifies orgasms.  It can also give your anxious thoughts a serious case of amnesia.


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By provocatively communicating your desires and expressing your love you silence self-judgment and give voice to the depth, richness, and variety of your erotic feelings.

Talking sexy also improves your competency in bed.

A lot of women love to hear guys talk dirty in bed and because they do, it’s an important part of being a good sex partner–a critical goal for you because competency creates confidence which creates more competency which makes you…awesome in bed.

Think of talking in bed as caressing your lover with words.  Entice, Excite, Enchant.  Don’t be captive to silence.

Free your tongue, the zest will follow.

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