Here Are The Top Ten Ways To Get Her Number

best way to get a girls numberHow To Ask A Girl for Her Number (So You’ll Get It)

Seed The Idea Of A Meet-Up.

Let’s say you’re talking about a great park you both like to go to.  Tell her you know a great spot to feed the ducks and that you’ll show it to her sometime.  When the conversation is close to ending, then say, “Hey, let me take your number and we’ll arrange that trip to see the ducks.”

Here’s another example of how to ask a girl for her phone number:  You’ve discovered a shared interest, sushi.  At the end of the conversation, say, “Hey, give me your number, and we’ll give that new sushi place a try.”

The Pedal To The Metal Approach

Sometimes the shortest distance between two nipples is a straight point.  If there’s an immediate connection then be direct:

“Hey, from the moment I saw you I had to tell you that you look amazing.  I’d like to talk to you more but my friends are dragging me to some lame party.  You should give me your number so I can call you and chat sometime.”

Here’s another example of more directly asking a girl for her number:

“You know what, I really like you, and I am going to take you out on a date this Thursday. Give me your phone number.  I’ll call you tomorrow and we’ll talk”

Go For The Funny & Playful

Sometimes an unexpected move can win the day.  For example:

You:  “Do you have a phone?”

Her:  “Yes, why?”

You:  “Can I make a call really quick?”

Her:  “Uhm, sure.” (uncertain what you’re up to)

You:  (dialing your own number)  “There’s a cool guy I want to set you up with.  Let’s see if he’s willing.”

Get Her To Give You The Number Without Asking For It

Try  this:

“I’m thinking the chances of us running into each other again aren’t that good, how about we get in touch again?”


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Use “Social Proof” To Make Her Want To Receive Your Call

Once you’ve asked for her number, try this:

  • Type her number into your phone
  • Type her first name into your phone. Let’s say it’s “Susan.”
  • Ask for her last name because, “I’ve already got a Susan in my phone.” (just pretend you do)

Women tend to like guys that have been “pre-selected” by other women.  By saying you have “another Susan” in your phone, you show her that you have female friends.  But what kind of friends?  Girlfriends?  Ex-girlfriends?

The automatic assumption is that another “Susan” has vouched for you (at least enough to give you her number).  Psychologists call this phenomenon “social proof.”

But there’s another reason this works.  We tend to value things we’ve invested in or committed to.   If she gives you her first AND last name, she’s invested a lot more in your interaction and she will sort of backwards rationalize that you’re somebody of greater worth because of that investment.

Exchanging full names is also more intimate than simply exchanging first names.   Ever hear a girl say, “I don’t even know his last name!” Well, you can neutralize that objection right away and maximize the chance that she’ll pick up when you call.

By exchanging full names you become more of a real person to her, rather than just some guy she met in a bar.

In the next post, we’ll figure out what you should do after you get her number (hint: it’s a Clash song). In the meantime, here are 8 reasons why she still might not give you her number.

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