How Do You Send a Girl an Email She’ll Actually Answer?

giving a girl your numberYou don’t need help writing an email to a girl that you had a strong connection with.

But what if you weren’t sure how she felt about you?  Here are the rules:

Gently Bust On Her. 

This is no time to send an earnest, “It was great meeting you the other night.”  That just shows her you have the personality of a Kansas zip code.  Tease her without being mean.

Do Not Tell Her How Attractive She Is. 

Boring.  That’s what every guy says to a beautiful woman.  If you’re going to compliment her, do it on something unexpected like her sense of style, her intellect or her kindness.  Save the attraction compliments for when you’re actually dating.

Do Not Ask Her Out. 

Unless you had an amazing connection to her, you’re better off getting her (and her friends) to join you (and your friends) to do something fun.


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Keep It Short. 

Anything over a paragraph is too long.

Here’s a great example.  Let’s say you met a really talkative woman:

Hey Chatty Kathy, you know what, you seem like a lot of fun.  I’ve detected an acceptable level of crazy from you.  What are you up to this weekend?  We’re going to (insert place here) on Friday then (insert place here) on Saturday.  It’s going to be a ball.  You should come along.  Bring your friends.  You know, someone to babysit you.  ;>)

Let me know. 

Why It Works

It’s not pressuring her to say yes to a date (this is especially important if your connection was tenuous).  All you’ve done is invited her to have fun, have a great experience and meet cool people.

You’ve also set it up so that the only way she can join you is to send her phone number.  How cool is that?  And the best part is not asking a girl for her number; she’ll offer it.

In the next post, we’ll give you the top ten best ways to get a girl’s number. In the meantime, you only get one chance to send a first email. Make it count.

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