Craft Your Texts As If They Were Stories

what to text a girl you like


There is an art to texting.


If you can master it, you can have the girl you’re talking to wet before you’ve even arrived at her place. And no, this isn’t sexting we’re talking about. It’s a much more refined version.


Here’s the thing about women: They lust for description.


Why do you think 50 Shades Of Grey went bestseller 10 times over? It’s not because of the impeccable writing, or the riveting plot, or the Hemingway-esque character development. If anything, the book lacked just about everything that makes a book worthwhile reading material in the first place.


But what 50 Shades Of Grey did do very well is describe. So much so, that women all over the world could imagine themselves there, in the bed, having all the forbidden things done to them they otherwise would never say that they want out loud.


The takeaway here isn’t that you should become a masochist in the bedroom.


The takeaway is the importance of description—and oddly enough, this is the same quality that makes a women fall in love, as much it does make them want to take their clothes off and ravage you.

Flirty Texts For Her

Women love description. Words themselves can turn them on, because words paint vivid pictures (and women have flirtatious imaginations).


When you take a woman out to dinner, and you speak with descriptive adjectives, you are drawing them closer. You are bringing them into your world.


This is what they’re attracted to. Seriously.


And do you know why so many guys fail with women?


Because they don’t describe anything.


“How was your day?”


“It was good. I did this, and I did this.”


There’s no description!


The more you describe, the more the woman will be able to put themselves into your world—and in turn, see themselves as part of it.


Ok, so now take this concept and add in just a touch of sexual allure.


Do you know what happens to a woman when you begin to describe to them the little things you want to do to them, in detail?


They read, and re-read, and re-re-read what you’ve just said to them over text. They see it as a story. And if there’s one thing 50 Shades Of Grey taught the masses, it’s that women love a good story.


Before you see your woman, or that girl you met last weekend and you’ve been texting, start to paint them a picture. Tell them what’s going to happen, before it happens. It’s up to you where you want to start, and it’s up to you where you want to end (and this is certainly where the line can quickly get crossed and you’ll find yourself in sexting territory).


Instead of just saying, “I’m on my way over,” tell her you just got in a cab, it’s raining outside, you’re a bit chilly but you’re thinking about how warm you’ll be once you’re on her couch.


Why? Because now she’s going to start imagining how warm you (and her) will be.


Then, in a playful, casual way, tell her how much you enjoy lying with her, how her head feels on your chest, how her body fits so well with yours.


Can you not see how by describing these things, she will instantly start to imagine them for herself?


It’s completely up to you how far you want to take things, but again, what’s important is that you don’t shy away from the description. That’s where so many guys go wrong. They think if they describe too much, the girl will see them as weird.


They won’t.


Women go crazy for description. And the more you describe, the more they will want you.


So much so, that by the time they open up the door to their apartment, they will want to skip all the conversation and go straight to the bedroom.


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