Use Cliffhangers To Capture Her Attention Over Text

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Texting a girl is a lot like writing a story. Except the truth is, most guys are terrible storytellers. They think using bland phrases like, “That’s great,” and “Cool, cool,” will keep a girl entertained and interested.


They won’t.


If you want a girl to be glued to her phone, here’s what you need to realize: words evoke emotion. If you ask them, “What’s up?” you will most likely get an equally bland answer back. But if you ask them, “How are you feeling today? Are you enjoying the warm weather?” then they will ask themselves, “Oh wow, how am I feeling today? It is warm outside, isn’t it.” They will start to tap into their feelings and want to share more.


Maybe not at first. But soon. Very soon, they will see that “You’re different” and want to tell you how they’re feeling.


And before you know it, you’ll be getting the heart emoji eyes every fifteen minutes because they feel understood. That’s what you want.


But in order to leave her wanting more, you have to realize what makes a great story.


A great story is built on the premise that you don’t know what’s going to happen. For example, if you say, “I am going out. I will talk to you tomorrow,” they will want details. Where are you going? What are you doing? Who is going to be there? You want to give them just enough so that they wonder what you’re up to, and even imagine themselves there with you.


Another example is if you are going to sleep, and you say, “Hey did I ever tell you what I thought of you the first time we hung out?” and then immediately follow that up with, “I’m really tired, I’ll tell you tomorrow.” That will drive them crazy.



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Because women love stories. They do. Everyone does—but women especially. And when you leave them with a cliffhanger, especially anything revolving around them, they will want more, and more, and more.


And leaving cliffhangers isn’t that difficult.


The key to an effective cliffhanger is to think about the thing you really want to say, or you want them to hear, and then deliberately end your conversation right before it. So, let’s say you want to tell them what you think of them, right? Hint at what you want to tell them, and then right before you give the answer, stop.


They will get frustrated.


They will play it off like they don’t really care.


They will pretend like it doesn’t really matter.


But it does.

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They will think about it. And think about it. And think about it. And when you do finally tell them, regardless of how they react, trust that they’ve been waiting. Because imagine if they had done that to you. Imagine if they had said, “Did I ever tell you what my friends told me about you, right before our first date?” How many questions would that spark in your mind? How often would you think about that question? Probably a good amount, right?


Now multiply that by ten, and that’s what goes on in a woman’s mind when you leave them with a cliffhanger.


They want the answer so badly, it’s all they think about.


If you can find ways to do this subtly, day after day after day, you will hold their attention. And that’s the goal, right? You want to hold their attention.


You want to leave them wanting more.


So remember, whenever you are texting a girl, the goal is to have a nice conversation, yes, but always be aware of how you end it. Do so deliberately. Pick a moment where you could resolve things, and then cut it right before. Leave them hanging. And then the next morning, pick things back up where you left them.


It will drive them crazy—and they will love it.

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