Guys, We’d Rather See Your Speedo Than Your Torpedo


Dudes! We meant what clothes are you taking on the trip when we asked what you were packing!

Photos: they’re worth at least 1,000 words, amirite? So: should they be part of your texting? Can they create trust and interest? Ignite passion? Should you be careful about sending newdz? Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Sending an unrequested photo of your torpedo can torpedo your chances with her. BUT! You can do it if she specifically requests that photo or if she sends you a photo of her nether regions first. Otherwise, she may prefer to get to know all of you in person or get funny texts like these. Consider the possibility that may not be visually stimulated in the same way that you are. You’ll need to find out.

Certainly, you can further your conversation, get a date, and/or hookup using other photos.
Start with something basic. What has she told you about herself (in person or online)? Is she a fan of nature? Send her a smashingly beautiful photo of a sunset. Does she have a quirky sense of humor? Send her a photo of something funny that you saw on your run.


Texting Girls

If appropriate in the context of your texting, consider sending a non-selfie of you doing something that may pique her interest (speaking at the UN, rescuing a kitten, building a house for Habitat for Humanity). In the right circumstance, this can be irresistible. A man out in the world behaving in a competent to expert manner is a definite turn on.

If you want to take your conversation in a sexier direction, you should explore what turns her on in a manner and at a pace that makes her feel comfortable. Compare and contrast:

Example #1

Woman: *Sends a photo in which she is fully-clothed.*

You: “You are gorgeous. And your clavicle is extremely sexy.”

Woman: 😉

You: Those clothes are really obstructing my view, though.

Woman: Sends photo with slightly lowered neckline.



Example #2
Woman: *Sends a photo in which she is wearing lingerie* So what do
you think of my

[omitted]? And have I mentioned that thinking about your [omitted] makes me feel [omitted].”

You: [Expresses enthusiastic opinion while eyeballs pop out of head
like cartoon character].


With Example #1, keep the conversation going, but move sloooooowly. Use your imagination and have fun. Going forward, for example, you could send a photo of you sprawled on a bed, in a t-shirt that shows your pecs, reading a book on quantum physics. You are in a bed. You are naked under that t-shirt. This is a tantalizing scene. The book keeps the shot anchored somewhat, so you aren’t presuming where this conversation might go. Think of how you can strike this type of balance. Be subtle and watchful. Did she remove a garment in the next photo or send a bikini shot? Then you may reply with a similar shot (particularly encouraged if you are an Olympic swimmer, but also welcomed if you are not). Try to match the tone and substance of her photos with your comments and return photos.

With Example #1 (if it continues in a positive direction) and #2 (hey-oh!), consider whether it is time to stop texting and continue the conversation IRL. Is it early? Is she nearby? Instead of striking another pose, you may want to pose a question: would she like some company?

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