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what to text a girl you likeWhen She Responds To Your Texts 7 Hours Later…

You know exactly how this goes: You send her a nice, sweet, charming text asking if she’s having a good day, and she responds back 7 hours later with, “Sorry, my phone died. Yeah, I am!”

Did her phone actually die? Probably not. Girls monitor their cell phone battery more than they stay up to date on the results of The Bachelor. That’s not what’s important.

What’s important is how you handle it.

If you’re dealing with a girl whose phone is “always dying” and has a tendency to text back hours and hours later, don’t sweat it. Seriously. Assuming this girl is a keeper, someone you are very very interested in pursuing, then you need to keep your cool and just ride things out. She’s testing you (or, dare we say, texting you…) with a purpose. If she truly didn’t care, she wouldn’t have responded at all.

Here’s the strategy: Realize that since your texting dialogue won’t be very frequent and there won’t be much back and forth, you need to keep your texts short, to the point, and very direct. Don’t bother with the small talk. Say what you need to say, and make sure it ladders up to the end goal: Dinner, drinks, etc.

Instead of asking how her day went, say something like, “Hey, hope you had a great day. Listen, I’m going to this event later. Short notice, but would you like to join me?”

You’re doing multiple things with this message:

  1. You are validating her and her life, mentioning that you hope she had a great day.


  1. You are asking a very targeted, specific question, forcing her response to include some sort of yes or no answer.


  1. You are moving the dialogue toward your end goal.


Where most guys go wrong is they try to take the scenic route. They want to exchange 14 “How was your day?” texts before finally saying, “So, I was thinking we could get together this weekend?”

No. Boring.

You’re taking too long—and she’s obviously very busy, what with her phone “dying” and all.

If she’s making you wait, that’s fine. It’s not a big deal, really. All you have to do is make your intentions clear.


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And then, of course, it becomes a matter of persistence. If she says she can’t come the first time, no problem. Hit her back with something like, “All good,” and then leave it at that. Don’t try to say something longwinded like, “Oh, that’s too bad. Well, I hope you have a great rest of the night anyway!” She’s not that type of girl, and she’ll see you as “constantly available.” That’s not what you want.

Just acknowledge her answer and then when the next opportunity arises, invite her out again.

And if she cancels again, but is still responding, it’s safe to assume she’s either not interested and is just being nice, or she’s apprehensive about going out with you 1 on 1. That’s when you need to pivot and invite her and her friends to come join you and your friends out somewhere. And if she says no to that, well, it’s time to move on to the next one.

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